Wheels in Motion Program
Published on February 3, 2013 by Jeremy | Comments (2)
The Wheels in Motion program is run by Playford & Salisbury councils, helping the underprivlegde in northern suburbs obtain supervised driver hours. To get onto the program contact either council due to your location, in these council areas & register interest. I only volunteer for Salisbury direct all enquiries to your council. Applicants must attend a forum, which a number of road safety aspects are highlighted to the learners by emergency service people, road fatality survivors & driving instructors. They are then interviewed & rated to a needs basis, to whom will obtain the first available spot. 4 instructed lessons are also required, before you are eligible to get supervised driving via a mentor(great bunch of volunteers, who also have had to have driving lessons before becoming a mentor, as well as other requirements.) We also give a discounted rate to applicants to this program & volunteer our time to the program on Monday mornings as a mentor. We have a vehicle at each council, & spots are limited. More councils need a programs like this. Remember the mentors are not driving instructors but to replace a supervising driver for those who don't have one.
Anyone whom is fully licensed & wants to help out the north's youth, should also register interest in becoming a mentor driver with Playford or Salisbury councils & make a difference in your community.


  1. KaylaDonnelly   | April 10, 2014

    Please contact myself, Kayla Donnelly from BoysTown (job services provider) regarding the process of registering clients into this program. I look forward to hearing from you. 082878000

  2. Abdul    | July 30, 2014

    this is really useful program for those who want to be a safe driver it would be much appreciated if you could put me in your list.I've got my (L) and attended ten driving lessons but it is too expensive I am not afford to pay.I will be pleased if you could help me thanks.

  3. Jeremy   | September 9, 2014

    To the above as stated please contact your local council ie Salisbury or Playford as noted above

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