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CBT&A (Competency Based Training & Assessment)
Commonly called Log book by learners. This option is the recommended choice when learning to drive. 
It allows you to undertake training with an CBT&A motor driving instructor. We will conduct your training in accordance with the requirements set by the SA goverment, in the drivers companion(log book page46&47)
Successful performance in all tasks will result in the training course being completed & a certificate of competency issued. The certificate will allow the learner to obtain a provisional licence provided they have completed a minimum 75hrs of supervised driving & 1year on L's if under 25 yrs age. To reduce costs we can help the supervising driver understand the requirements set, to aid the learners progression. You are allowed to jump in on any lesson,(except final training/assessment) Hey you to may learn a thing or to.

Final Assessments Task 29 & 30 
90min $100 task29
120min $200 task30 (warm up, assessment, gov booking fee inclusive) 

Vort (vehicle on road test)
using our vehicle, get a lesson prior to refresh & shake out any nerves before the test.
Assessor fee $160 (inclusive of government fee)
our fee $140 (lesson, pick up prior to test & drop off( 2hrs+) total $300
(greater time frames will incur additional charges for our time)

On a budget-Anytime savings deal-$130 for 2 hours or 120 mins
(2hr lesson maybe split with a friend 1hr each & learn from each other. Or split the 10hr package with a friend & save more)

Got your P's already but want to learn how to drive a manual $130 for 120minutes/2hr 
(this is all you should need to feel confident, can even use your own vehicle if roadworthy,registered & insured)

Normal lessons can also be conducted in your own vehicle, once I believe you are at a competant level, but as above it must be roadworthy & insured(registered). ( this may aid you if you are doing your vort test in that vehicle)