Obtaining A Learners Licence
by Jeremy


Obtaining a Licence learners permit:

In South Australia application forms can be obtained at Service S.A. customer service centres & some remote country police stations. You must provide evidence of your identity & address when applying. You must also declare any disease, illness or disability that could impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle effectively & safely.  Next is to pass the theory test on the Australian road rules, then photo time. They will issue you with a temporary permit whilst your learner’s licence is processed & posted out to you.

For a more detailed description go to  SA.GOV.AU & go into the licence section on the left side of the page.

Service S.A. also provide booklets such as “the driver’s handbook” & “the driving companion” to aid the learner driver. The RAA website has multiple choice questions to practise prior to testing, to help in preparation. Make sure you are well prepared as it costs to redo the test. We know everyone’s time & money is precious these days.

What’s next?

Great you’ve got you L’s. You can now go out driving with a fully licensed driver & start learning to drive. 

My suggestion is to find an accredited driving instructor that suits your needs & also teaches you the correct policies & procedures first up, to obtain good driving habits.

At Mr Instructor Driving School we also teach the supervising driver to teach their learner. We also believe in teaching you the learner to think for yourself. The “At””Do” method of teaching is good for just passing the test. We get drilled into us the skills needed, but can’t think for ourselves. We are so use to someone telling us what to do & sitting next to us, that we are unaware what it would be like by ourselves. What if there was more to offer? What if besides the skills to pass the test we learnt life skills & how to think for ourselves, so once we get our P’s the transition is easier.

Did you know that under the traditional learner driver training method that whilst supervised by an instructor an L plater is at their safest on the road that they will ever be in their whole driving life. But once they pass to P’s they are on their own & their crash risk increases 20 – 30 times. With our driving methods we aim to lower that by teaching them to think for themselves & putting them in P plater situations.

So together with this new method we can think outside the norm & make S.A. the safest in Australia for all road users.

We also do group driver training & group country driving sessions. Details on upcoming pages.


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