About Us
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Our Objectives:

Zero Harm for 6 months on P's 

To provide a unique learner driver service & experience in which the client’s safety is of the greatest importance.

To provide the best possible customer service in teaching, attitude, & reliability.

To provide a modern, safe, reliable & clean vehicle in which to learn.

To provide confidence & a comfortable environment in which the client feels free to question & challenge their abilities.

To provide an atmosphere in which clients feel free & open to ask questions, obtaining the correct answers.

To stand out from the rest & provide that bit extra to take the clients skills that one step further.

To teach our states young adults life skills.

To make the roads a safer place for all Australians.

Services provided:

One to one driver training for vort testing.

 CBT&A (log book) 

List of Assessors, so you can pick the right one for you. 

Supervisor (parent/guardian etc.) training for clients progression in correct & safe driving practice.

Specialising in - group training & country group driving sessions. (Conditions, times & prices available upon request)