One To One Driver Training For VORT Testing
by Jeremy


One to one driver training for vort testing-

Today with the governments increase in hours to 75 in the log book, we find an increase in parent supervised driving. This is great, but what bad habits have we picked up over the years?  Do we understand the correct procedures for passing the vort test? Are we up to date with the current Australian Road Rules?

With some professional driving instruction these questions can all be answered & your learner driver can update you or you could come out for a session or two with them.

We also believe in the principles of Keys2Drive, so besides all the skills you may need to pass the test, we also help you to learn to think for yourself. Then the transition from L's to P's will be smoother & safer. So now you will be P plate safe.

 Group Training-

In the environment where the parent or supervisor wishes to come along to watch & learn, no additional charge is involved in the hour session.

Maybe it’s your 1st time out, you’re nervous or scared of a stranger taking you out driving & you want someone to do a lesson with you. (I.e. fiend) You can book a 2hr lesson in which it will be broken into 2 drives each with discussion & learning from each others’ strengths & weakness. It’s a fun environment & I believe a better way to learn.

Charges per person are the same as a standard lesson & on road time will be almost the same.

Country group driving sessions-

Australia’s country road toll is too high for all categories of driver. So this program is set up to give the learner a taste of our country road conditions & situations, in a safer environment. Did you know that the safest a learner driver will be in their whole driving life, is whilst with a professional driving instructor. Whilst supervised by an instructor a learner driver is safer than you or me on the road via percentage stats. Why might this be? If you don’t know email me.

 So doesn’t it make sense to put them into these situations now & gain the experience to negotiate these conditions? Once P’s obtained they are going to want to go on a road trip with friends sooner or later. So let’s get them into safe practise now & hopefully ease our minds a little when it does happen.

We run 2 routes one to the north & one to the south east of Adelaide. Group of 3 learner drivers are required for this session, whom share the driving & learn from one another. Run Saturday mornings, 4hr duration light lunch & refreshments supplied.

Cost & availability upon request.